A Combined Timeline

Here is a chronological list of all the events we have recorded for Diana Mary WOOD [##45559] and her husband
William MALIPHANT [##45059]

All events listed are for the named individual, except for any marked with **.

View24th April 1883WilliamBirthNewport, Monmouthshire, WalesFamily Index
View16th August 1885DianaBirthFamily Index
View29th September 1885WilliamBaptismSt. Woolos, Newport, Monmouthshire, WalesFamily Index
View29th September 1885WilliamBaptismRegisterSnippets
View5th April 1891WilliamUK CensusDock Street, Newport, Monmouthshire, WalesCensus
View2nd August 1891DianaBaptismSt Mary, Oatlands Village, Surrey, EnglandFamily Index
View31st March 1901WilliamUK CensusPullins Buildings, Peacock Street, Newington, London, EnglandCensus
View2nd April 1911WilliamUK CensusLong Acre, WC2, London, EnglandCensus
View25th May 1912WilliamMarriageTo Diana Mary WOOD [##45559] in Marylebone, London, EnglandFamily Index
View25th May 1912DianaMarriageTo William MALIPHANT [##45059] in Marylebone, London, EnglandFamily Index
View19th June 1921WilliamUK CensusHendon, Middlesex, EnglandCensus
View19th June 1921DianaUK CensusHendon, Middlesex, EnglandCensus
View29th September 1939WilliamUK CensusMoor Park Road, Ruislip, London, EnglandCensus
View29th September 1939DianaUK CensusMoor Park Road, Ruislip, London, EnglandCensus
View12th March 1960DianaDeathChristchurch, Hampshire, EnglandFamily Index
ViewSomewhen in 1970WilliamDeathChristchurch, Hampshire, EnglandFamily Index