🙂 Croeso! Welcome! Bienvenido! 🙂

🙂 Croeso! Welcome! Bienvenido! 🙂

🙂 Croeso! Welcome! Bienvenido! 🙂

Hello, I hope you enjoy this website and find it useful and interesting.

If this is your first visit here, I would recommend that you have a quick read of the Menu items under the heading ‘Using this Site’.
I then suggest you start on the Our Web-Net page to discover how everything is structured and where to find out things you may not have known about us!

Many of you will be viewing this website on a Smartphone, an iPad or Tablet computer – best results are normally had by using it in sideways/landscape mode.

We try to hold annual gatherings (called Jamborees) in the UK – typically in early August and in Wales.

There is also a closed Facebook group called ‘Maliphants of the World’, with membership available to anyone related to the Maliphants.
Links to the Facebook Group and to send me an Email are at the bottom of the Menu.

I am always looking to make contact with Maliphants (and anyone connected to the name) to improve our knowledge of the family.
If you have anything you would like to add or correct to what you find here, please drop me an email.

Wherever there’s a mention of a clan member on this website I’ve tried to put the Reference number for that person (it is called the Mal-ID and it will be in square brackets and start with ‘##’, e.g. [##48059]). Check out this page for an explanation of what they mean.

There’s loads of different types of things on the website:

  • charts
  • gravestone images
  • jamborees
  • information regarding special places for the family
  • clan members in the Arts and Sports worlds
  • and much more