Here we list the various biographies that have been prepared.
Hopefully the list will grow over time.

If you have knowledge of an individual you would like to send to me I will get it added. This could be about you or maybe one of you ancestors – a kind of homage to them.

There’s no fixed format and I can add pictures if you want too 🙂

The list is sorted by surname and then first name.
Click on the name in the first column of the table to seee the full biography.

NameMal-IDLifespanKnown As
Bruce Maliphant[##48059]1958 –Bruce Maliphant
George Maliphant[##44002]1810 – 1880George Maliphant
Ken Maliphant[##48047]1945 –Ken Maliphant
Reg Maliphant[##46072]1898 – 1992Reg Maliphant