Mal-ID Reference Numbers Explained

The Mal-ID reference numbers used in the charts and on this website do have a structure to them – you can find out what yours is here.

  • The first 2 digits are a generation number (see more on Generations here)
  • The next 3 digits are simply a sequential number
  • The first spouse has 500 added (second 600, third 700 etc)
    • Example:  40008 John’s first wife has the Mal-ID 40508 and his 2nd wife has 40608, all being part of generation 40
  • Non-Maliphants (e.g. typically where the name is lost through marriage) follow the same logic, but are prefixed by the Mal-ID of the last Maliphant
    • Example: Mary Ann’s Mal-ID 43019 will prefix any/all descendants further down the tree, each with their own unique suffix following the rules above, starting with her children being in generation 44