Ancestor Charts

In addition to the Primary Charts, there are three special charts (00, 01 and 02).
All charts are listed below, click on any of the chart buttons to view it.
Some of the charts are too big to read clearly on the website, so if you wish to take your own copy, view the chart first and then use the right click within your browser and take the “Save Image …” option. Use your favourite image viewer to look at the saved image (see the “Techy Stuff” section on the home page for my preference!).

A reminder that the Secondary Charts (that cover the living Maliphant clan) are available from me on request, for people who appear on that chart.

Don’t forget to let me know about any missing or incorrect data for you or your family should you see anything.

The charts here are designed for viewing rather than printing.
I can send a version suitable for printing on request – but a warning, you will probably need to stick them together to see the full tree 🙂

Chart 00The Medieval chart – we’re still hunting the connection so that we have a link from today back to the mid 13th Century
Chart 01Chart connecting Harry Maliphant of St Ismael (1520-1592) with John Maliphant of Kidwelly (1691 – 1763) – our common ancestor
Chart 02The four generations above your own Primary Chart that take you back to John Maliphant of Kidwelly
Chart ADescendants of George MALIPHANT (1783-1856) Ref# 43008
Chart BDescendants of George MALIPHANT (1797-1843) Ref# 43011
Chart CDescendants of Charles MALIPHANT (1798-1863) Ref# 43012
Chart DDescendants of Sarah MALIPHANT (1799-1872) Ref# 43049
Chart EDescendants of Richard MALIPHANT (1778-1812) Ref# 43014
Chart FDescendants of William MALIPHANT (1791-1882) Ref# 43017
Chart GDescendants of Charles MALIPHANT (1793-1865) Ref# 43018
Chart HDescendants of Mary Ann MALIPHANT (1796-18??) Ref# 43019
Chart IDescendants of David MALIPHANT (1799-1860) Ref# 43020
Chart JDescendants of John MALIPHANT (1806-1847) Ref# 43022
Chart KDescendants of Jennet MALIPHANT (1785-18??) Ref# 43026
Chart LDescendants of Charles MALIPHANT (1786-1858) Ref# 43024
Chart MDescendants of Henry MALIPHANT (1786-1837) Ref# 43025
Chart NDescendants of Henry MALIPHANT (????-????) Ref# 43039
Chart ODescendants of Clarissa MALIPHANT (1786-18??) Ref# 43029