What you can do with the Family Index

The Family Index list is sorted by generation, year of birth and then alphabetically by surname (maiden name for the ladies) then first name.

Clicking on the Mal-ID Link in the first column will display further detail for that individual.
The contents of the details are self explanatory, but click here to see information about protecting an individual’s data.

On the right hand side of the table are links to other areas of Our Web-Net where that person has information:
– Mem = Memorials
– Trv = Travels
– Snp = Snippets
– Jam = Jamborees
– Cen = Census and other location records

The final two columns have links to the Timeline for the person:
TL is a chronological list of ALL information I have for the individual
TL+ is the information for that person combined with any spouse(s) or partner(s) they may have had

Click on the “View” link in any column to see the information.


You can use the Search function at the top right of the table to shorten the list you are looking at.

The items displayed will change as soon as you start typing in that box.
Cancel the Search/Filter by clicking on the ‘x’ on the right hand side of the Search box.

The search is done on all columns of the table, on any part of any of the words and is not case sensitive.
For example, entering “GEORGE” (or “george”) would show all the Georges on file, either as first name or middle (and theoretically surname as well).

You can enter more than one word (or part thereof) and the system will filter to show only those rows that contain BOTH words.
Continuing the example, entering “GEORGE” and then “MALIPHANT” as separate entries in the Search box would show only those Georges who also had Maliphant as part of their name.

Entering a Mal-ID number as a search value would immediately reduce the list to only the entry for that person.

You can also use the search option to see who else is in the list from the same Secondary chart as yourself, or who shares the same first name …

If your search value(s) filter out ALL entries, the display will say “No matching records found”.

Click here to go to the Family Index list.