What you can do with the WWGM map

I have created a Maliphant Family World Wide Google Map (WWGM) to give you a more visual way to investigate the recorded Census results, as well as other locations.

When you first arrive on that WWGM page, you will see a map of the world with markers showing the addresses found in the Census listing, under the category of “Homes – Census”.
On the left of the screen are other categories you can choose to hide/display by (un)checking the box to the left of the name – Castles, Churches & Chapels, Jamboree locations and Other Places of Maliphant interest.
On the left of each of those categories, next to the line that says “All Items” is a down pointing arrow which when clicked will show all of the places in that category – clicking on any of them will select that entry and bring further details up on the left of your screen.

Alternatively, use the zoom function to see more detail – especially useful in the South Wales area!
Clicking on any of the markers will bring those same further details up on the left of your screen.

For each of the entries there is a link that will take you to an appropriate page on our website.
For the Census entries, the link will show you all the names from our Census records that have lived at that address!

Click here to go to the WWGM.