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Full Name: George Maliphant

Known as: George Maliphant

Ref ID: [##44002]
Life Span: 1810 - 1880

Also Elizabeth Maliphant (née Mugford) [##44502]

George: Born: November 7, 1810  ::  Died: February 23rd 1880
Elizabeth: Born: 1811  ::  Died: June 23, 1895

George’s children and grand children are probably the most travelled family of our clan – especially when you allow for the era in which they did their travelling. Some of them have the same names, so I will use the generation naming convention to distinguish between them.

Here’s a summary of the major travels we know about – it’s not simple!

George(g44) sailed on the ‘Orient’ to Australia with his daughter Elizabeth(g45), leaving London on Tuesday 22nd May 1860 and arriving in Port Adelaide on Friday 24th August – that’s 3 months on the ship.
George was aged 49, Elizabeth was aged 20, her 21st birthday being 4 days after landing in Australia.

In 1861 Elizabeth(g44) was running the Lewis Arms public house in Spitty, Llanelli. Seven of their nine children Jane (23), George(g45) (19),  Henry (12), Sarah Anne (10), Charles (7), Ellen (4) and William (2) were with her – their eldest daughter Mary having already married and moved out.

Their son George(g45) joined his father and sister in Australia in 1862.
Both Georges were heavily involved in the erection of smelting plants in New South Wales, Australia.
We do not yet know exactly when George(g44) returned to Wales, possibly in 1865, but he is believed to have been working in Wales in 1871/2.
George(g45) remained in Australia and formed the basis of many of today’s Australian clan – more details can be seen about them here.

Elizabeth(g45) meanwhile, met and married Richard Harris (a jeweller and clock maker from Barnstaple, Devon, England) and they had six children. Sadly, two of them died as infants, followed by Richard himself in 1875 – leaving Elizabeth a widow with 4 children at age 35. She travelled back to Wales with her children the following year, departing Adelaide on Thursday 9th March 1876, with the journey again taking 3 months to complete.

George(g44)‘s son Charles(g45), having made his name in the Tinplate industry at Machynys, Llanelli, was sent by his company (Morewoods) to U.S.A. in 1892 to establish the Tinplate plants in Gas City, Indiana. He took his son George(g46) (aged 14) with him.

In March 1894, Elizabeth(g45)‘s sons Henry and William (Charles(g45)‘s nephews) travelled to U.S.A to work with their uncle, with Elizabeth herself joining them there in 1898. More on the Harris line in U.S.A. can be seen here.

At around the same time, Charles(g45)‘s wife, sons Charles, Albert and Henry as well as daughters Gertrude and Elizabeth Ann all joined him in U.S.A. as well.

Charles(g45)‘s son Albert returned to Wales and he and his son Michael formed the basis of another Australian clan line, but not until the 1950’s – more details can be seen about them here.

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