Miscellaneous Jottings

Here’s just a few notes regarding other things ‘Maliphant’ that don’t really fit in any other category.

There is a computer game called ‘Dragon Age’ where apparently:
General Maliphant is the highest ranking member of Freemen of the Dales operating out of Villa Maurel located the Emerald Graves.

I don’t pretend to understand any of that (!!), but if you want to, find out more here.

The author Alice Vansittart Comyns Carr (née Strettell) wrote Margaret Maliphant: A Novel, in Three Volumes in 1889.

Loads of references to it and opportunities to purchase (reprints) of it if you Google it 🙂

The author Charles Palliser named the fifth and final volume of his epic The Quincunx: The Maliphants.

I asked him why he chose ‘our’ name, and he told me ‘No special reason. I liked the name and thought it fitted’.
He can’t remember where he saw the name though ….

Loads of references to the book and its 4 predecessors and opportunities to purchase it if you Google it 🙂

There was a novel written by Walter Besant called ‘All Sorts and Conditions of Men’ in which one of the characters was a Mr Maliphant.
The book was published by Chatto and Windus of Picadilly in 1882 or 1884.

A newspaper report in 1998 stated that Henry Maliphant Williams from Leiston, Suffolk, a retired Customs Officer, donated £120,000 to the National Front.

Elsie Maliphant [##46766] 1913-1999, widow of Richard [##46076] who was a wireless operator in the RAF during WWII, lived in Brixham during the last few years of her life.

She wrote a poem :

Nursed and encircled by Gowers strong arm,
With stonewalled cottages cast in her lap,
Protected by meadowland and farm
Lives sleepy PEMBERY taking her nap

Beyond the dunes and sunkissed beaches
As far as eye can scan,
The white and winding road impeaches
Intrusion works of man.

Whilst standing aloof the old Church Tower
Bestows on all a look paternal,
And guards the sleeping honoured dead
And seems to chime “I am Eternal”